Christina Kyllo

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Christina Kyllo

Actuarial Assistant, Actuarial and Analytics Leadership Development Program (AALDP), The Travelers Companies, Inc.

Actuarial Science

Class of 2017


After graduation I joined a five-year rotational program at Travelers that allows me to explore several actuarial roles and opportunities to learn about both the company and Property & Casualty insurance. Since my goal is to obtain my Fellowship of the Casualty Actuarial Society (FCAS) in the next few years, this job is one of the best starting points I could have hoped for. It offers great actuarial exam support and is challenging me to develop new skills, including both technical expertise and business acumen.  I’ve come to understand that there is a steep learning curve to the actuarial profession, and that does not end a few years into the career. It is common for actuaries within the company to change roles every few years, which helps spread knowledge and fresh ideas, but also requires intellectual curiosity and continued learning on the part of the actuaries. Rapid change within the industry is another part of the job. There are constant changes in the risks that we are insuring - currently driverless vehicles and cyber security have everyone's attention; and the next generation is changing the way we are marketing insurance. In short, it’s an exciting and demanding career. I am happy to have pursued the Actuarial Science Specialization in my Mathematics degree because it has given me the opportunity and foundation to engage with my work on a broad scope both now and in the future!