Minneapolis and St. Paul Have a Lot to Offer

”One-of-a-kind attractions. Tax-free shopping. Nationally praised dining. World-class theater. Museums galore. Green space. In Minneapolis Saint Paul, you get two cities worth for the price of one"  says a local website.  Twin Cities expert Rachel Weir notes Minneapolis and St. Paul, (also called the Twin Cities) "not only have big-city amenities like museums and sports stadiums, but also have an approachable Midwestern feel. Separated by the Mississippi River, the Twin Cities are considered one metropolitan area but actually include two unique cities, featuring downtown cosmopolitan cores surrounded by distinctive neighborhoods and suburban communities."

The Twin Cities also has a strong finanical services market as well as many Fortune 500 firms so students enrolled in our Undergraduate Actuarial Science and Master of Financial Mathematics (MFM) programs get the benefit of a strong insurance and quantitative finance hub.  Many important local employers regularly recruit MCFAM students. 

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downtown st. paul

Downtown St. Paul, Minnesota