Admission Requirements

General Admission Guidelines
Our admission process is competitive and decisions are made based on a thorough analysis of each application. We consider only applications that meet the minimum requirements specified below.

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Minimum Requirements:

A Bachelor's degree from an accredited U.S. university or foreign equivalent.

GPA: We follow the Graduate School's requirements for the minimum GPA, currently set at 3.0.

Mathematical background: All applicants should have completed college level courses in single variable and multi-variable calculus and linear algebra. Background in Probability and familiarity with programming language are highly recommended.

GREEither a GRE General or a GRE Math Subject test score (no more then two years old) is required. We do not set a minimal score for the GRE test but we definitely use it as well as other factors when making an admissions decision. NOTE: We do NOT require or consider GMAT scores.

English Proficiency-TOEFL: We follow the Graduate School's requirements for English language proficiency standards for international students. See the Graduate School's TOEFL page for exact details and latest updates.

GRE Exam Codes
University of Minnesota Institutional Code: 6874
School of Mathematics Department Code: 0703

TOEFL Exam Codes
University of Minnesota Institutional Code: 6874
School of Mathematics Department Code: 72

Requirements for Waiver of the MFM Preparatory Sequence: Incoming students may request to waive the sequence FM 5001/5002 during the first day of Orientation. Waivers will be granted to students with sufficient mathematical background (successful completion of upper level mathematical coursework that is equivalent to Mathematics major requirements) and the results of a short test, taken during the first day of Orientation. 

Note: FQF students cannot apply for a waiver for FM 5001/5002.

FQF - Possible Entry Channel into MFM: Some applicants who apply to the MFM program, but are not admitted, are automatically considered for the FQF program. By taking the FQF post baccalaureate coursework and completing your certification, you may apply to the MFM program. If you are successful in transferring to the MFM, your FQF credits from FM 5091-92 will be applied to your MFM degree.  This could help you to potentially finish the program within another year if you plan to be a full time MFM student.  

Note:  If you would like to be considered for the FQF Program if not offered admission to the MFM Program, indicate this in the first paragraph of your Statement of Purpose and email or